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What to do with unnecessary real dolls?

There are also many different types. The best TPE sex doll should fit your needs and preferences. So don’t wait any longer to get your TPE doll!

Our suppliers use their cameras to shoot promotional images of live-action dolls and don’t stop editing like the studio footage used to promote and sell sex dolls. Check out the glamour pic video about sex dolls!

This is a luxury sex dolls wearing an army green dress. With a full body, she is actually 175 cm tall, with a small chest and a size B. She looked slim, perfectly sculpted a militarized body, showing her femininity in all her curves. This lifelike sex doll is so popular, Gksexdoll has also created sharper photos that allow you to better understand the real doll through different body movements, poses and multiple angles.

At the same time, sex dolls are also consumables, and we know they have an infinite lifespan.

What to do when sex dolls are no longer needed?
A: In particular, it is not recommended to throw it away directly. may lead to unnecessary results. We recommend that you fix the following issues:

  1. Reselling on second-hand platforms can also recover partial losses.
  2. Sell cheaply to shops that need mannequins.

If you think none of this is possible, we recommend that you cut it with scissors and discard. Doll recycling is a big no-no for manufacturers, and some manufacturers turn old love dolls into new ones. This is very unhygienic. It’s easy to get sick buying this Real Doll.

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How do I properly care and clean my love doll?

We offer a wide range of cleaning products to maintain the hygiene of love dolls. If you have questions about the suitability of products not covered by this section, please contact our customer service at your email address.

How to clean a sex doll with a vagina

Place the Big ass sex dolls upright (it is recommended to lean against the wall to prevent the real doll from falling to the ground). Mix warm water and a recommended cleanser (antibacterial soap) in a bucket, then add the solution to a vaginal cleansing solution. Insert the douche into the vagina while standing (this provides drainage) and inject soapy water to drain fluids and other stains. Repeat this cycle 2-3 times for best results.

  1. Separate your sex doll and drain everything
  2. Insert a clean towel into the vagina to catch any water
  3. Correctly place the love doll on the stool/bathtub
  4. Gently wipe face and body parts with a gentle, non-irritating, antibacterial damp cloth.
  5. Dry with a soft towel

How to clean a big boobs sex dolls with a solitary vagina
Sex dolls with separate vaginas are easy to clean and maintain, just take them out and wash them on their own. How to clean the vagina.

Summary: Love Doll Boy’s Sleeves Bounce

Clean with clean lukewarm water and mild soap (using a detergent recommended by the manufacturer), dry the doll with a clean towel, and gently place the doll back in the box or bed.

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Factors to consider before traveling with sex dolls

The nature of your preview program will determine your level of readiness. Do you want to explore the countryside on weekends? Perhaps you are visiting another country or traveling internationally? If you’re planning to travel around the country, consider using your car, or better yet, a motorhome (RV). That way you’ll have plenty of room to carry your favorite Real Dolls, and you can even enjoy sex in a peaceful, warm environment.

sex doll size
Of course, the size of your flat chested sex doll will determine how much planning and effort it takes to travel with her. But if you have a huge sex doll, you may need to use a big box. Therefore, please consider the size of your sex doll before placing the packaging.

Add sex doll feature
As with dildos and vibrators, extra bells and vibrating whistles can mean extra caution when touring with collectibles. In most cases, you can turn off this feature while driving to prevent unwanted attention while driving. Extras like sex dolls with big breasts, warmth and sighs make you really feel like a real couples wedding.

Pro tip: If you plan to travel abroad, it is best to inform customs staff in advance that you will be traveling with sex dolls. It prepares them for sudden shocks, and in most cases, for annoying repetitive problems.

pay attention to! Touring with your Sex Doll isn’t always weird. After all, she’s your partner, and the fun doesn’t have to be at home. Travel the world with your love doll on a wild adventure – of course. Discover different Dutch wives here and start your adventure!

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What do you think of a shared sex doll store for sex dolls?

The other is a sex doll experience shop. This kind of fixed store is necessary, which is convenient for customers to experience. You can enjoy all kinds of love dolls without buying love dolls. Both types of buying and selling have their own benefits. The first one is relatively rare. Most people in this kind of sex doll experience store are familiar with it, and it is a detailed expression of sex doll sharing.

Sex dolls have greater visual impact. The form of love doll sex education can reach more visual impact. The erotic dolls in the online store are beautiful, and most of them are overdone. Big breasts and big butts are the favorite of men’s dreams. Of course, there are also living dolls in this style. They have a hyper-realistic look without exaggerated breasts or massive buttocks.

The sex dolls in the store receive several customers every day, and hygiene is also a big achievement. I don’t know if people in this industry have sexually transmitted diseases. This type of buying and selling usually brings the word civilization to the fore. This is to remind you to wear a condom.

In addition to customers, the current business form is not standard, and secondly, it is difficult to confirm. This time it is based on the owner’s self-awareness and conscience.

Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase your own Real Doll. Not only to ensure health and safety, but also to use it temporarily. This life-size sex doll features realistic makeup that shows off the woman’s skin as much as possible, even showing the blood vessels on her hands and feet. The fulfillment of her heart allows her to indulge her inner wildness in a nightclub, where she can give herself completely, maybe find a man for the night. But as a lifelike love doll made of TPE, she can satisfy your libido in any center. Do you want wilder sex with her?

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How to Clean Dirty TPE Love Dolls

  1. Decontamination
    Be careful using different materials, including dyes and inks, as the color will transfer to the love doll’s skin. Prevents dark leather or leather materials with oil-soluble pigments.
    Before putting new clothes on the real doll, be sure to wash it beforehand to avoid staining.

Even if you put black clothes in the washing machine, they will get dirty. First, it’s a good idea to regularly check your clothes for dirt.

If the girl gets dirty, use a cleaner that contains benzoyl peroxide. Simply apply to exterior and leave on for about 30 minutes. After a few moments, wipe down the grade area and make sure it’s clean. Repeat the process again if necessary.

  1. Vaginal, oral and anal care
    It is recommended to apply petroleum jelly weekly to the vagina, mouth and anus.

Do not pretend to be a sex doll while you are away, as leaving the real doll in the TPE for long periods of time can tear it. When not in use, lower your arms, fold your legs, and return to neutral.

Keep sex dolls out of direct sunlight.

TPE is so soft that it can flatten and wrinkle over a long period of time on a firm surface. Make sure the lover is lying on a soft finish (the softer the better) so the lover doesn’t flatten or wrinkle. Another solution is to use coat hooks or hanging kits to hang the sex doll. Do not pull the love doll with your hands or feet. Always keep your love doll moving safely and bumpily.

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Provide physical comfort to busy modern people with love dolls

Assuming that everyone has an equal potential to find love, build relationships, and build families is a common mistake many people make. With so many aromas and flavors to choose from, it’s not easy to satisfy a timid and lonely heart. They focus on their own tasks or decide to find the ideal love doll for their close partner during sex. These real sex dolls are attentive, safe, more real, and more satisfying. They come home every night and grow fast among single men who want to have new dreams with them.

The use of these anime sex doll is not new. They are unassuming, made of uncomfortable linens and loose pillows that soothe the bodies of Marines and those who grew up in a male-dominated environment. The idea for the female sailboat was developed in countries such as Japan and Germany. There, its ancient ways are approaching an attractive alternative to women’s business. In some societies, tasks are demanding and require little time and investment, resulting in some people being unable to form relationships and interact with their families. At this point, Love Doll can handle these needs, leaving singles without physical comfort.

The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly impacted every aspect of our lives, including sex. A very obvious category is the world of porn. The COVID-19 pandemic affects not only the amount and type of pornography that occurs, but also the amount of pornography people consume and the types of pornography they search for on secondary sites.

Porn searches have increased. This time if it’s because many people are spending more time at home than usual, in addition, more and more people are turning to sex as a coping mechanism for their fear of illness. Several studies have found that this can enhance libido and libido as a coping mechanism when faced with the prospect of our own death.

This is precisely because the new coronavirus once spread. Tomorrow, the Real Dolls market will be three times bigger than before. Due to the epidemic, many single people are buying love doll at home to satisfy their sexual desires.

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The rise in adult products brings joy to many

Technological improvements in recent years have allowed inflatable doll shops to enhance the delightful experience of those who purchase dolls. Furthermore, the market allows anyone to purchase sex dolls of high quality without having to invent human beings with arms and legs.

He said that even if she died of old age, Eva could live because her beauty was hidden in her lover’s doll. If we hadn’t lost it, we would have thought this hopeful old and beautiful sex doll Eva was someone to live with through a difficult life.

Fortunately, Western industry collaborated with the long-delayed Tanada project. “These people are fine,” she said. “But when I’m writing novels, they’re not very helpful. It’s only men who buy these dolls, not people like me. So they won’t let me open them. But when I made this film, they Really helpful. “Best Sex Dolls in Germany” The different rules are how you handle the dolls, you don’t treat them differently from normal people, because they’re soft, they have skin, the skin can tear, like you’re in It’s like tripping on the sidewalk.”

High quality consumption allows factory manufacturers to sell doll inventory to us, beerdoll currently has a small inventory of factory pre-consumed dolls that can be shipped to Germany, which means more people can lose their love in a short period of time. Silicone doll sex dolls are available today for what most would call uninterrupted amazing sex. Not everyone has mastered the art of sex like a mustang or nympho, but we all have it day and night and understand better how to get the best out of sex. That’s why we’re writing to inform you more about the sex art of sex dolls. Keep reading and enjoy Cats as we share more tips and tricks with you.

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Lifelike sex dolls swingers and sex clubs

The sex machine is a very popular toy in clubs as it is not a sex toy that everyone has at home. However, thanks to good quality sex dolls from Germany, sex machines are more at your fingertips than ever.

Stunning and rational real-life dolls are made of high-quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic platinum silicone, with smooth and flawless skin (with beautiful freckles and birthmarks), very realistic and suitable for real life experience. Detachable limbs make it easy to stow away your loved ones when you want to be alone. Designed with secondary sexuality in mind, the silicone female sex doll features an ultra-realistic human mimicry for a true AI robot girlfriend experience. Silicone Sex Doll Besides, many people are totally obsessed with his love doll and he is trying to make her picture perfect.

The realism of the painting is distinct in all the lines and grooves, it’s amazing.

Go see 10 to 15 animal dolls a month. They have an abstraction that women in the eastern world depict older, older women. In Europe and the United States, we have developed Dream Treasures to bring our clients to life. Purchase sex dolls from users who are injured. He blamed himself for being negligent. He sent it back to the manufacturer and called the store to reflect. Just like in the hospital. There are also many funny stories of the doll and the owner together, try to write the connection between you and the doll.

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The reasons behind the rapid growth of locked sex doll sales

There are many studies showing the effects of watching porn on the brain – and that’s not good news. Studies have shown that porn rewires our sexual reward system in the same way that heroin affects how addicts respond to dopamine.

However, the German region is getting a lot of attention – with a renewed interest in hyper-realistic cheap love dolls. He continued, “I would say that as everything improves, we’re going to make more of this surrealism in the future.

These realistic sex doll are not kept for those who like vaginal sex. The realistic sex doll features a responsive phallus-shaped dildo with veins and testicles that you can ride. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also export anal toys. Dildos over 6 inches in length are penetrable and can be twisted and folded like a real penis. This means you can make a cowgirl or reverse cowgirl with this toy and even take it into the shower since it’s sealed. Choose from two skin tones.

When people feel accepted, they are willing to accept and embrace their partner’s dream. It starts with open communication and acceptance. You can do this by inspiring your partner to share their dreams with you. Then, when they do, they respond enthusiastically and positively. Later, when you introduce your dreams of sex dolls, they become more open to you.

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Ways to keep TPE doll alive

Regular oils are one of the most important aspects of doll care. To keep the skin of your Real Dolls soft and supple, try applying liquid paraffin. This highly refined mineral oil is commonly used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. You can also use baby powder. However, you should avoid cornstarch as it can contaminate your TPE doll.

When cleaning TPE sex doll, it is best to use water-based soaps. Do not wash with hot water. Use warm water instead. Then apply a toy/doll cleaner. Always test your products for compatibility with thermoplastic elastomers. You can also use a heating rod to harden any material opening. If using a heating rod, make sure to insert it into the doll’s leg first. It’s best to let it last for two to three minutes.

To prevent staining your doll, store it on a soft, stain-free exterior. Some of the best storage materials are foam mattresses and loose blankets. If you’re looking for a softer look, buy a memory foam mattress with chest and hip holes. You can even get granular TPE dolls. The key is to find a supplier who can make your TPE doll defect free. Beware of scam sites!

TPE materials are also less sensitive to heat-related deformation, making them safer for children. You can also wash the TPE doll with warm water if necessary. These are expensive, so you need to make sure you’re willing to pay for them.

You can use silicone or TPE to make your TPE doll more realistic and realistic. Both materials are relatively cheap, you can get a affordable sex dolls. They are also great for making sex dolls and can also be reused. You can buy them from any reputable retailer or online. This will ensure you can enjoy your new TPE doll for years to come. The only way to get it is to keep it clean.