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How to clean the private parts of sex dolls?

Although sex dolls are beautiful, fun, and have a good user experience, there are still many people who are not satisfied with them. Because we had to clean her after use! Especially the cleaning of private parts!

Many lazy people feel that it is too troublesome to clean the private parts of sex dolls, and they often complain. In fact, this is related to their failure to grasp the correct application and cleaning methods.

In fact, there are already many introductions about cleaning on the Internet, and the merchants will also give some sex doll cleaning tutorials and precautions, but most people may still find it troublesome.

Then how to clean it?

  1. Prepare a basin of water, an empty basin, a cup, and a towel.
  2. Wrap your finger with a wet cloth (softer one), and it’s time to test your finger skills! Insert the mobile phone into the secret place under the sex doll, get out the things inside, then dip it in water, then reach in to clean it up, use an empty basin to catch the sewage, and repeat this several times.
  3. Then wet the water with a clean towel and wipe it clean on the sex doll.
  4. After all, it is powder and perfume. This cleaning process is much simpler than the manufacturer’s introduction.
  5. If the secret place under your sex doll is relatively deep, you may not be able to fully penetrate it with your hands, but you can use things to penetrate it. The method is the same.


  1. The temperature of the cleaning water should be well controlled. It is best to use cold water. If it is winter, you can use warm water below 40 degrees.
  2. If you wear a condom when having sex with a sex doll, you don’t need to wash it too often, and the cleaning process will be much easier; if you are used to not wearing a condom, it’s best to wash it every day, and be more careful .

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