Instructions for use of sex doll

Congratulations, you have purchased your favorite sex doll from GKSEXDOLL. You may buy a living sex doll for the first time and think it is used like a normal toy. This is very bad, because she is also a weak woman in need of care. You can learn about the instructions for using the photo doll in the instructions we wrote.

Getting started


Open the pocket and take out your lifelike sex doll. You must find a spacious place. Do not discard the packing carton, keep it, because it will be used when you want to repair the damaged parts of the doll in the future.

The second step

Take out the wrapped plastic paper and check if the real life sex doll is damaged. If your realistic sex doll is damaged, please send it to our customer service and we will solve it for you.

The Third step

Take silicone dolls to the bathroom and remove the grease from the doll. In order to make the doll’s body softer, oily ingredients are injected into the rubber of the physical doll, which also makes the doll a charming fragrance. In this way, oil stains will appear on the surface of adult dolls over time. Therefore, take a bath once a week to remove grease.

The fourth step

After the shower, powder should be applied to the doll’s body. Use normal baby powder. The purpose is to remove the grease and dirt on the body at the same time. After that, rinse off to remove oil and powder, and then wipe off the powder and dirt with a damp towel. Finally, after the doll is dry, pour the powder to keep the body dry and clean.

The fifth step

When the doll’s hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the sex doll. To prevent abrasion of fingertips and other parts, put a long towel on your arm.

The sixth step

Every time the sex doll is ready, you have to put a condom on your ferocious weapon, apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite way to have sex with the huge tits sex doll. After that, please don’t forget to clean your sex doll. After washing, please dry her with toilet paper and put her in a cool and ventilated place.

Detailed description of best sex doll


Dressing a doll is as careful as dressing a real person. First of all. Tights or stockings should first be rolled into a circle, and then spread from the doll’s feet to the legs. When wearing clothes, the doll’s arms should be bent to the back of the body, covering the clothes from behind. Don’t raise the doll’s arm to avoid tearing.

Joint position

Torso: Rotation is less than 30 degrees
Rotation: Rotation is less than 30 degrees
Thigh: swelling is less than 40 degrees, vision is less than 60 degrees, posterior vision is less than 30 degrees
Calf: bend back 60 degrees
Forearm: small 80 degrees droop, small 70 degrees droop
Ankle: Rotation is less than 40 degrees
Degrees: Rotation is less than 60 degrees
Screw installation: first go through the screw hole at the bottom of the doll’s foot, and then install the screw.

Love doll maintenance

Clothes dyeing

Try to make the most expensive sex doll wear light-colored, because the silicone will be dyed by the socks, or dyed with bright clothes, dyed with bright clothes. Don’t wash together, go take a bath. Apply talcum powder before wearing, 10,000 yuan. (How to remove the paste and use it moderately-apply it in a well-lit place, place the doll in a cool place after washing, and remove the dye after 24 hours) So try to avoid contact with the dye.

How to use young sex doll

The doll needs to be applied before use (but I think it is the best gift). The manga character sex doll is very delicate, don’t be violent, please try to express it in the best way. Smart quality is the best material in the county, avoid using pollution or sharp scratches. The skin of the doll is not human skin, it is easy to crack when used. maintain. (Repair solution method: apply the repair solution to the restoration, restore it to its original state, and then restore it after laying the doll flat.) Use after repair.

Sex doll care

Wash the doll with 40° warm water, and apply toner to the whole body after washing. In this process, the body is cleaned, and the joints and animations are cleaned directly on the screen (don’t pay attention to wet makeup). It is easily absorbed with a clean wet sponge to protect the use time of baby makeup. You can use detergent to clean the plasticine. It is recommended to use warm molten water.

It is also recommended to wash the doll with bleach once a month. Clean every 7 days to ensure that the quality, texture and service of the doll’s skin are improved (because the doll is made of TPE, the doll will inevitably have oil stains, and the above steps will be effective) to avoid and prevent the doll from getting dirty.