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Is owning a sex doll an emotional scam?

However, if you have good reasons to be with your real partner, you may be interested in their feelings and want to reassure them that the doll won’t threaten their place in your heart. You need to convince her that the doll is there to help your relationship, not damage it. Make sure she understands that dolls can’t give real love, affection, or compassion like a real woman like her. Even though a doll can alleviate the loneliness of role-playing, it is inanimate. Even if you develop a strong bond with anime sex dolls, sex dolls can never really repay your affection. Therefore, the use of sex dolls should not be considered an emotional scam.

When you are with such a woman at the same time, use the doll frame to nurture your relationship and make her life easier. Shouldn’t she be happy that you don’t bother her with sex anymore? If she’s pregnant, feels uncomfortable and no longer has any sexual interest in you, a torso sex toy should add to her burden. Plus, she can be sure that you’re not having sex with a prostitute or any other real woman to replace her. After all, you can’t marry a doll.

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