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How to clean the private parts of sex dolls?

Although sex dolls are beautiful, fun, and have a good user experience, there are still many people who are not satisfied with them. Because we had to clean her after use! Especially the cleaning of private parts!

Many lazy people feel that it is too troublesome to clean the private parts of sex dolls, and they often complain. In fact, this is related to their failure to grasp the correct application and cleaning methods.

In fact, there are already many introductions about cleaning on the Internet, and the merchants will also give some sex doll cleaning tutorials and precautions, but most people may still find it troublesome.

Then how to clean it?

  1. Prepare a basin of water, an empty basin, a cup, and a towel.
  2. Wrap your finger with a wet cloth (softer one), and it’s time to test your finger skills! Insert the mobile phone into the secret place under the sex doll, get out the things inside, then dip it in water, then reach in to clean it up, use an empty basin to catch the sewage, and repeat this several times.
  3. Then wet the water with a clean towel and wipe it clean on the sex doll.
  4. After all, it is powder and perfume. This cleaning process is much simpler than the manufacturer’s introduction.
  5. If the secret place under your sex doll is relatively deep, you may not be able to fully penetrate it with your hands, but you can use things to penetrate it. The method is the same.


  1. The temperature of the cleaning water should be well controlled. It is best to use cold water. If it is winter, you can use warm water below 40 degrees.
  2. If you wear a condom when having sex with a sex doll, you don’t need to wash it too often, and the cleaning process will be much easier; if you are used to not wearing a condom, it’s best to wash it every day, and be more careful .

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Pay attention to the material of the love doll, which is softer, TPE or silicone?

Which one is softer between TPE material dolls and silicone material dolls? I believe that this problem is the first problem that all friends who buy dolls must consider. The softness of the doll directly affects the reality and practicality of the doll.

TPE material solid doll

First of all, let’s talk about tpe. The material of tpe is developed and designed to replace rubber and natural latex. It belongs to composite materials. It can be injection molded, with environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide strength coverage, high-quality coloring, soft hand feeling, aging resistance, fatigue relief and heat resistance. About 85% of the world’s sex products are full of use it.

The main chain structure in its molecular formula is SI02, which means that it has high elasticity and feels soft and close to the skin of the body. In the development process of silicone sex doll, from vulcanized rubber, natural latex, and silica gel, in fact, there is no raw material such as TPE. At first, no one used TPE to make dolls. The appearance of TPE dolls around 2010 is entirely due to Chinese baby manufacturers. In terms of construction, no matter the production process, the cost of raw materials has been greatly reduced, and now we can have cheap dolls to play with.

The plasticity, resilience, and softness of TPE are superior to that of silica gel, because the molecular structure of the two is different, and the relative density of silica gel exceeds that of TPE. In terms of raw materials alone, TPE raw materials are undoubtedly softer than silica gel. The softness of the initial solid wire doll TPE is better than silicone.

Full silicone solid doll

However, with the change of time, silicone dolls have not released the stage of history, and continue to exist as high-end doll products. Its inner tank design, the inner tank is equal to the doll’s body, accounting for 80%, the silicone is the doll’s skin 2-3cm thick, the inner tank design is because of the high density of the silicone, all the weight of the doll will be on the silicone, the presence of the inner tank The gross weight of the doll is greatly reduced. The thicker the silicone, the better the ductility and the heavier the gross weight. Generally, the liner is full of lightweight materials such as styrofoam, which has a low density and is a solid filler, so it will not be soft.

In order to solve this problem, the key parts of the doll, such as the chest, waist, lower body, buttocks, and thighs, will be vacated during production. After the inner tank is completed, soft fillers will be added, and the thickness of the silicone in the right position will be adjusted. Open the silicone grout. Take the doll’s breasts as an example. To make the breasts soft, you can imagine the whole process of breast augmentation as a real-life version. Put a soft material between the inner liner and the silicone, and then adjust the thickness of the silicone to 2-3mm. The breasts made are very soft and have the effect of breast shaking. The silicone breasts must be softer than TPE breasts. The silicone dolls have the same effect after this process in other directions, which is better than TPE breasts. soft.

Therefore, when we judge whether a doll is soft or not, we must know whether it is about the doll’s skin itself or these key parts? The former one is definitely TPE soft, and the latter one is definitely silicone soft. To put it simply, today’s TPE sex doll are overall soft, which is determined by the quality of TPE materials and silicone materials, but the key parts are not as soft as silicone. Silicone dolls are soft in the soft area, but the skin is not as soft as TPE. It is determined by the processing technology of making dolls.

At present, both materials occupy different markets, indicating that each has its own advantages. Therefore, when choosing a doll, you should first understand your own requirements, and then choose a doll. Softness is nothing more than choosing a doll. An authentication specification in . In addition, no matter whether it is made of TPE or silicone, most people call it a solid silicone doll.

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The difference between Japanese silicone dolls and China

When it comes to silicone sex doll, most people may think of Japan first, because Japanese silicone dolls and silicone series products are really exquisite. Especially in the past few years, silicone dolls were basically imported from Japan and the United States. After all, the price is also quite expensive. , and most of China’s inflatable dolls, the difference between the two is still very big.

Even now, Japanese silicone doll products are still very expensive. Taking Yotsuki as an example, this company is one of the most advanced doll manufacturers in the world. They have many related patented technologies. Make-up technology, the dolls made are often more beautiful than real people. They can not only be used as sex dolls to meet our normal physiological needs, but also can be used as art collections. The original imported price is about 50,000 yuan or more. Although Japanese doll full body silicone products are very realistic, the style may be a little different. Most of the Japanese loli style.

Now China’s solid silicone doll production technology has made great progress, and the products produced are also very beautiful. Coupled with the large-scale application of TPE materials, the current price has dropped a lot, and you can do it within 2,000 US dollars. I bought a very good Chinese silicone doll, and its appearance and quality are very good, and the love feeling is also very realistic, and it can meet our physical and spiritual needs at the same time.

Therefore, apart from the large price difference between the full-body silicone of best sex dolls and domestic ones, the other differences are really not very big, and most people can’t afford Japanese dolls worth tens of thousands of yuan each. Domestically produced ones may be a better choice. . Of course, domestic dolls still have some shortcomings, and we cannot deny this. After all, the price is there, and we cannot ask too much.

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What if the lover doll wasn’t made of high-quality materials

Some parts may even fall apart if the doll is not made of high-quality materials. Thus, some dolls have removable and interchangeable vaginas and penises. The material of the doll If you buy a garment of a poor quality, it will wear out faster than you think. The same goes for the ideal silicone love doll. Silicone is expensive but very durable, so silicone or TPE dolls are more durable than dolls made of other materials. You may not have the habit of cleaning dolls, but if you really want to buy a doll, be prepared to do a thorough cleaning.

Her female artists have a long and consistent history of objectification and gender composition. Singer: A short story. The gendering of female artists began a long time ago. It started with the earliest industry icons. Most of these groups follow two completely different schools of thought. Some of them emulate the East, others become confident, lively, free performers, and their sexuality is modeled by Japanese groups and dignified Asian women.

We made this sex doll with advanced TPE and silicone. I thought her soft vagina and tits would have you hooked. She weighs 41kg, but you should treat her with the same care as a real friend. You can also make her satisfy you with more sexual gestures.

This includes men and women. For the quality of the doll, the price is very good. They sell small quantities of accessories that can be shipped to parts of the US and Europe. Flexible payment terms and options allow online payment. Offers the option to cancel the order. Toll and Safe Shipping Customer privacy has always been safe. Check out these sex doll companies: our favorite jumpsuits! Diverse customization, surreal, most affordable and affordable customer service, echo time, attentive delivery and payment, read our review! just looking! One of our favorites! Common customization! The most authentic and best price, fast customer service, careful delivery and payment, please read our review! just looking! One of our favorites! Good customization, very ideal, cheap price, fast and applicable customer service, careful shipping and payment, read our review!

Inexpensive Realistic Sex Dolls: Good sex dolls snuggle up in your arms and won’t hurt your pockets. We are an online store that carefully offers you sex dolls that fit your needs. With a single product range, this store can easily meet even the most demanding specifications. In the online store, the collection includes curvy dolls, slender sex dolls, big-ass sex dolls and sports dolls. Here’s your name – the store is usually there. Plus, no matter which doll you choose from this selection, it’s still a realistic sex doll.

Rumor has it that this was to keep soldiers from mixing with women. The most exciting part of this rumor is that the prototype of this love doll was the inspiration for the male sex doll would, but the sex dolls was actually made from the popular cartoon character Bearded Lily. Today doll makers want to create more realistic mannequins. It’s also a game-changer for the sex doll industry. The entire industry is trying to move from plastics and rubbers to TPEs and silicones. With decades of development in the sex doll industry, intact idol civilization has become a global phenomenon. It’s all a far cry from the hypocritical hype of the first vinyl dolls, but it’s still being consumed and sold, probably because quality sex dolls are expensive and burdensome.

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Most searched for realistic TPE sex dolls?

Additional sex dolls will be released at a later date, and minifigures will be officially released after the male sex dolls are released. Among them, there are colorful silk dolls, which are made of TPE material and are limited to the human skin, restoring the real human touch and arousing the sense of beauty. 158CM B-CUP Slim TPE doll has small breasts, do you know what it feels like to be sucked? Immediately, the tender penis was sucked out, and the veins were swollen and loose. So, based on all that matters, you can choose a worker sex doll or a sex worker sex doll.

Intensely comfort the brain, suffocate and get electrocuted from time to time, and can’t stop. Realistic vaginal multiple textures, experience the sexual pleasure surrounded by G-spots, 48 ​​high-elastic particles comfort, make your hopes come true. All products must meet international hygiene standards. In the event of an accident during intercourse, the sex doll will not be injured or become pregnant. It’s like sex workers. Sex workers are real people who can talk to you, whimper and enjoy sexual pleasure, but you need to take protective measures because doing so gives you the opportunity to contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Of course, sex dolls of different sizes have different weights, but we can still find a simple rule. For an even-sized love dolls, her weight is only half that of a real person. In the market, it is difficult for us to get a standard price range. In general, popular brands of adult sex dolls cost between $1,500-2,500, while smaller or unbranded sex dolls cost between $800-1,500. In addition, depending on the material, the price of silicone dolls ranges from $3,000 to $4,000. Are sex dolls safe?

Wait until you take them up; her incredibly lifelike cock will catch your eye when you see her. We can assure you that you will never tire of this sexy Jackie. She’s wild, she’s crazy in bed, she’s sociable, she’ll take your sex life to the next level.

Sex dolls satisfy all your sexual desires and dreams. Her mouth will make you orgasm during oral sex, and her anus is so real that you’ll want more. After that, it is recommended to purchase a more limited and lighter silicone sexdoll torso. Purchase of female torso sex dolls made in legal stores at brick-and-mortar stores are not eligible. why do you ask? Since it doesn’t go through a regular assembly cycle, it can contain some unsafe substances/compounds that can damage your physical and mental health.

Also, it is recommended to purchase the realistic sex doll torso from a store that recommends after-sales management. For example, if your best sex doll’s torso breaks when you receive it, it can be repaired. How to have sex with male dolls is different from female sex dolls: Male dolls give you a situation of giving and receiving sex. They also have the added benefit of not allowing STDs and they are so clean that you can have maintenance-free sex with them.

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Real-life dolls’ roles aren’t just determined by gender

Japanese women are usually docile. Getting a Japanese girlfriend is a good option, but few people get the chance to see Japanese girls. This life-size Japanese sex doll is designed for single people. She can satisfy your emotional and sexual needs. She will speak to you fluently, understand what you mean, and even tell jokes. Of course, she also has all the functions of a sex doll. Whenever you want to have sex, your vagina is designed after a real Japanese woman.

We’ve painstakingly modeled every part of the doll: whether it’s the vulva, face, fingers, or toes, you’ll see a relatively unparalleled sharp outline of a cheap blow-up doll. In addition, we have adopted a metal frame design.

But it’s far less influential than the sex doll company. For example, the realistic sex doll was officially launched in 2018 and is owned by a businessman. She is 36 years old and the mother of four children. She runs a business that sells sex products and hires partners. The company recently announced that sales would increase each time a new lockdown was introduced. Compared to other business industries, the industry appears to be continuing to thrive despite its boom.

The businesswoman also said she saw sales during this period as customers bought the love dolls and were largely in isolation. In a meeting this morning, she mentioned that male and transgender demand for sex dolls is increasing, and that there is now a bigger market for couples looking to set up threesomes in their bedrooms. Like any other rapidly evolving technology in the digital world, creative dolls are a global marketplace for customer needs. AI-equipped sex dolls and their response to users The newest sex dolls on the market are robotic companions or AI-equipped sex dolls.

In other words, the role of a physical or sex doll torso is not just based on gender, but as a companion and comforter. For example, life-size sex dolls, whether it is the lure of breasts and hips, the beauty of beauties, the beauty of fairies, or our intense sunshine and sports smell, as a person, we should pay more attention to this temperament and characteristics. Instead of just calling it a sex doll. The company of a sex doll is a lifetime thing, whether you are poor, stupid, vivid or ordinary, “she” will be with you.

The company knows from experience that for most clients, financing is the most convenient way to ensure safe financing at any cost. When paying with credit and debit cards, customers can worry that the company follows certain policies and maintains everyone’s privacy. Thus, after the entire process is completed, all financial information provided by the customer to the company will be deleted and your order will finally arrive in your hands. During the courier service process, the staff designated by the factory will first check the current condition of the doll.

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The owner of the sex doll does not allow the doll to be washed

There are also websites that sell lifelike sex dolls for prices ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. If the price is too low, he will be deceived. If the price is too high, buyers are afraid to act. Some buyers were fooled and even dared to buy again. But we still need it in our lives, so we are upset. If old dolls like us can place orders directly, don’t worry about their reputation, but if you are suspicious of ordering on other websites, you can ask the seller to give you this confirmation before shipping.

The complexes depicted represent the sexual attraction of teenage girls, and that’s how the world singer presents herself – innocent dolls sexualized and transformed into provocative acts to rouse women-hating fans.These fans are rich old people, and a generation of girls is a perfect example of this stage.

Depending on the time of year, treatments for signs of mood swings and lack of energy sometimes include light therapy. It is important to note that different types of depression and different levels of disorders often have different differences in the treatment process. For example, depression can also be classified as mild, moderate, and severe, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and naturopaths, while major depression is higher with medication. How to Recover from Depression In addition to medication, there are other ways we can help you manage your anxiety: All you have to do is face depression and loneliness.

From growing fears of STDs to the need for increased emotional attachment, these dolls take your stress away while giving them what they’re looking for, which is happiness. Initially, but not least, these dolls also serve the needs of temporary sick companions. You can have a temporary friendly relationship with your partner, but the lack of sex will add to your misery. These dolls can save your marriage from falling to the floor. Don’t think twice: yes, people have sex with love dolls, you will find a reliable and well-known manufacturer, and soon you will have your own partner.

When your sex doll arrives, make sure it’s closed properly. You should also make sure that your cheap sex dolls come with standard covers, as sex doll manufacturers offer suitable covers to protect dolls from dust, microbes and even viruses. The right way to sanitize sex dolls. Sex dolls cannot transmit viruses. However, that doesn’t mean you can play calmly and safely. If you look at the doll mercilessly, the virus will attack it. Disinfection is still important: some sex doll owners have a habit of not cleaning their dolls.

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Some of the best quality latest silicone sex dolls include

If you buy a lover doll that is too large, you will encounter storage problems; if you don’t want your family to know about the doll, it is difficult to hide an oversized doll. If you understand them, you can easily choose the right doll according to the situation. Remember that the size you choose will be what you imagine.

Best of all, a fit, lifelike, full-size doll won’t sag – she’ll be as young and sexy as you happen to be. Why are mature adult sex dolls so mainstream? Unless your house is full of horny young ladies, you really need to know where you are or who you are having sex with to satisfy your needs, but if you do date or meet someone in your life, It will make you feel more confident.

It’s much easier to choose the silicone sex doll (also known as realistic male sex dolls). You must use the correct search form to place an order. Numerous well-known online stores offer you the latest high-quality live-action dolls that are sure to add to your enthusiasm for life. You need to double check the details, add the correct ones to the cart, and then order the competitive and support attractive discounts accordingly. Some of the newest silicone sex dolls in the best quality include silicone sex dolls, sexy European supermodel sex dolls, beloved supermodels, and you can choose from a variety of other materials.

The release date should come soon. Like all sex dolls, the new models look very realistic. Their faces are like real people and look very different from every angle. In addition to the head, the body is also very detailed. Realistic Youth Doll The 140cm tall youth doll-like body is very eye-catching, between mature and youthful, with flawless skin, no excess fat, no protruding breasts and buttocks, but still full.

Our designers have blended the sexuality of this teen sex doll into a 140cm cup. She is very affectionate and has very round breasts. You can have sex with her anytime, whether on the balcony or on the couch. The skin-friendly TPE material we use has strong elasticity and softness, even if you don’t wear a condom, you can complexly pull the penis out of the vagina, fully packed and pleasing.

The term was finally coined in 1975 by an American technology pioneer in his book Computer Libraries/Dream Machines. Since then, free-standing penises have sometimes been used to describe sex dolls and other futuristic toys, whether or not they are on the internet – as mentioned above, free-standing penises can be deactivated via the internet. This means you can control your partner’s sex toys and he or she controls yours. For example, if a woman uses a vibrator, her partner can use his smartphone to control the vibrator even if he is on the other side of the world. Top 5 Remote Control Sex Doll Sex Toys: After years of research and prototyping, a great couples sex toy set can be created and put on the market.

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The latest precision anime girl sex dolls from more innovative dolls

Sexual health trends and future epidemics have rocked the world, and a lot has changed. The industry had to take a different approach and some companies had to close. Also, people should avoid obstacles where people interact with strangers. Therefore, the epidemic has affected the sexual life of many people.

Male dolls and spouses: a way to film love scenes without breaking social distancing Soap operas and other TV shows have taken off in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, but the new normal has also brought some obstacles. TV shows from TV production companies have to figure out how to film sexual situations in their shows as part of enforcing social distancing. Therefore, the manufacturing experts thought of using the dolls they used in advance as corpses.

If our dolls aren’t right for you, you can find more dolls on some Love Dolls listing pages. They rank the most popular sex toy stores online and rank them based on user ratings and price factors. You don’t have to spend any more energy to find these dolls. Websites We offer the following directory websites. Sex dolls are perfectly made from TPE and silicone materials, we are America’s most trusted sex doll company, providing our customers with high quality, soft, safe sex dolls and super TPE sex doll.

It eliminates all risks associated with venereal diseases, sexual crimes, pregnancy, jealousy, sexual despair or rejection. Sex dolls don’t judge you based on your performance. So you just have a good time in sex where you can feel the touch of love. No annoying grades. sex doll. Sex dolls don’t nag you, they just love, caress and act like your real partner. Even if you’re angry with her, don’t say a word. As a result, they become men who have problems with sex therapy. These sex dolls are virgins and have never been touched by other men.

On the other hand, you can purchase adaptable parts for current redesigns. Attractive part. The cheapest small sex dolls are mainly holes that give you sexual pleasure through three openings in the mouth, ass and vagina. Each of these openings has the potential value of absolutely cheap sex dolls as real sex dolls. Some life-size anime sex dolls are removable and interchangeable, and they can be the size and construction that people like or better. The latest fine anime girl sex doll comes with more innovative genital makeovers, including vibrators for added sexual pleasure.

You no longer have to deal with anxiety, depression, co-dependence and other issues. Yes, if your wife is pregnant or menstruating, you no longer need to disturb her for her physical needs during sex. Of course, Phoenix high-quality adult animal sex dolls can rescue your marriage and give you the two spaces you need. One of the biggest problems you can face is compatibility issues. They may or may not be on the same wavelength, which can lead to incongruity or difficult tuning.

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This is also a good helper for sex training Realistic sex dolls

In this situation, the wig becomes the center of cleanliness, shine and novelty. After all, who doesn’t love clean, fresh hair? Different care techniques are required. Basically, human hair wigs cannot be handled like chemical fiber wigs. Although all wigs have instructions, here are the general wig care points. No matter what method you use to clean the wig, please clean the wig regularly before wearing it. If it is not too dirty, you can wash the wig thoroughly or dry it quietly.

You can manipulate your arms, body, and thighs in different poses, and the pleasure it happens can even cause multiple male stars to ejaculate within minutes. Of course, this is also a good helper for skill training, right? Doing so, they warn, encourages sexual and sexual violence. sexual abuse. Still, according to advertisers and producers, these amazing masterpieces have an advantage over misfortune.

A woman’s warm lips and eyes full of love before sexual intercourse represent the most unparalleled visual pleasure of a man. The intense grip and intense comfort reach the brain, causing suffocation and electric shock. Women take the beauty and romance of sexual sighing to the extreme, just as the oriole divides the valley in surprising ways, adding to the joy of orgasm. Orgasm is the ultimate goal of our sex life.

A good martial artist, which means her skin is soft and tactile like a real person, and she’s good at some things. She is not a warrior and is considered very old on Earth, but in her kingdom people of that age are still considered young. The princess fights with her stepfather and brutally frees her home from him.

Not only will this make them pay more attention to women, but AI will also improve the sexual experience. In this way, through artificial intelligence, we determined that it could be the smartest sex robot ever created. We used to be in a hurry! Remember, this will persist through negative and positive profiling. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Some activists believe that male sex dolls play a role in externalizing women.

A man falls in love with a woman with a love doll – David, do you feel lonely in the morning? Find a male doll and ask a woman to point you. Our male sex dolls have huge dicks, strong chests and abs. For the warmth of women, we also specially increased the body and weight, which is convenient for women to use. Male sex doll with built-in metal frame and TPE leather. It is safe and non-toxic. It allows male dolls to adopt various preferred poses. It’s also very durable and can have sex as much as you want. We now also offer worldwide paid shipping to ensure this is a first love doll worth buying online.