Buying Love Dolls is the Most Loyal Sex Partner

The Love Doll that people dream of is here, come buy it. Mistress love dolls in real life can bring you sexual satisfaction, don’t miss it.

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What is a love doll?

It can actually be understood quite simply as love doll, as lovedoll. The main purpose of a love doll is to serve as a sex toy for men who live out their sexual fantasies on such love dolls. Such real love dolls have realistic proportions with breasts, buttocks and pubic area and are made of materials that are based on real human skin. Such a love doll has a metal skeleton inside, so the lovedolls can be moved and placed in the position you love doll

This sex toy embodies a life-size human. In order to stimulate the penis and allow the man to stimulate his penis, the real love doll has multiple love orifices or sexual functions. A Lover Dolls is a sex toy for men and women.

How to get along with love dolls?

Real love dolls are now more and more realistic. Not only did she look like a real woman, but she was about the same weight and size as a human. However, lover dolls are immobile, which makes them more difficult to carry than humans in reality.

Often, you’ll go out with her or take a ride from tourist spots to honor her. If you change the place, it will be difficult to carry the realistic lover doll. Go a little further and the wheelchair is still the easiest. Just put Ava in a seated position. If you want to take your sweetheart dolls to bathe, store or put them on the bed at home, what can make it easier for you to carry them? I have searched a lot. There are three options.

Princess Pose: In Princess Pose, lie on your side with the side arms open and closed, with each arm separating the upper and lower body to support the main body. As a fulcrum, he was raised to a prone position. This is the hug of a couple hugging. True love dolls can’t move, they can only bend their knees and hug them. This method is recommended for lying love dolls.

Piggyback: Riding directly on the back, suitable for lovedolls with standing function. When you carry the love dolls, it won’t fall, so hold your hands and keep your thighs close to the love doll’s hips. Keep your hips as low as possible. The center of gravity is also low for easy balance.

In a wheelchair: A wheelchair is recommended for long distances as it is the least effortful method. Put a cushion on the wheelchair for the doll to sit on. Armrests can support hands or feet. This protects the love doll and prevents individual cones from being forcibly damaged.