Qita Doll TPE sex doll

Qita Doll sex dolls are known for their faces, as they can create stunningly realistic faces that are not only sexy and realistic, but also have a touch of fantasy in the mix. The bodies are amazing too, as they are great love doll creators in general.

Each product prototype of Qita Doll is derived from a real human body, and then modified to remove imperfect details, striving to be as close as possible to the appearance of a real person. Our products are very popular in East Asian markets.

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Why do so many people love Qita Doll sex dolls?

Qita Doll sex doll is an exquisite sex doll brand in the eyes of many people. The dolls they produce are very realistic due to their exquisite makeup, so many people who like real dolls will choose to buy their dolls.

Qita Doll dolls are deeply inspired by Asian beauty. Whether it’s Japanese manga or Chinese female model modeling, you’ll be spoiled for choice to shape your ideal doll. They are a pleasure to accompany you and are always very attentive. They are also great sexual partners. From the moment you open the package, you won’t be able to resist thinking about caressing, stroking, massaging his realistic breasts and all kinds of sex jokes. Best prices on the US sex doll market.

For a long time, the standard for men to choose dolls is based on the appearance of the doll. Some people like sex dolls with big breasts, some like dolls with big asses, and still others like sex dolls from different regions.

Qita Doll has realistic visuals and beautiful makeup

Qita Doll is known for their faces, as they create extremely realistic faces that are not only sexy and realistic, but also with a touch of fantasy. These bodies are also amazing as they are often great sex doll creators. Although it is an unknown manufacturer in the United States, it has the fourth largest market share in China’s TPE sex doll industry. But its modeling and makeup techniques are among the best in the sex doll industry, and you will undoubtedly be attracted by its exquisite and beautiful body and head.

The biggest feature is: wax craft + exquisite and realistic makeup, the makeup will not fade, giving guests a real vision and experience; 2. Dolls with a height of 145cm and above can shrug, only QitaDoll; 3. Real dolls (height 170cm are average is a live-action version) based on real body organs, which is more realistic and closer to the real experience. 4. Exclusively researched and developed oil-control raw material formula to keep skin dry, moisturized and feel better.