Silicone Sex Doll

Nowadays, silicone sex doll is very popular with the public, and they are excellent value for money. Silicone sex doll is very attractive.

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Buy silicone sex doll for adults latest high quality realdolls

Silicone sex doll is the best quality sex doll, it is also an increasingly popular love doll because it is non-toxic, harmless, odorless and very soft for intimate contact.Silicone dolls are made of high-density, cold-formed, skin. The texture is clearly visible, like a truly perfect body line, can be stored for a long time without deformation, not easy to damage, durable, durable, stable material, not easy to oxidize, not aging, heat-resistant , no deformation, higher fidelity.

an adorable doll

Silicone doll are not only used as adult toys because they are lively and active. They serve as models for events, photographers and filmmakers, including fashion shows and interiors, and as ‘living’ mannequins because they are in many different poses. We welcome you to be the owner of Gksexdoll dolls We offer art and dreams All of our dolls offer flexible combinations Which one is right for you? The best dolls are easily found here.

Silicone dolls with extreme details

We have developed a special program that extracts maximum detail from the original form, hands, feet and torso, vagina, anus, etc. We often use live models to make master models, we can extract so much realistic detail from this mold, we need to manually remove natural fingerprints from the master model to protect privacy, so when our customers enjoy our dolls, they Be amazed at the level of detail our dolls provide so that the dolls can be closer and more perfect to us. The breasts of the silicone love doll are very soft and inside is a very soft silicone body that feels like a real woman’s skin.

natural pose skeleton

The skeleton has undergone several modifications: the connection system we designed uses all high-quality metal parts for smoother operation and greater durability. The hinge system is designed to limit durability. Humans have a similar range of body motion, so our figures don’t exhibit unnatural poses. As part of the skeleton development, we also provide a choice of two types of joints, the fixed joint system is designed for better photography poses. Looser joint options provide an easier mode for better intimate company.