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SY Doll is a leading sex doll manufacturer. SY Doll has R&D team to support your own brand name, product name, package design, mold design, injection molding, plastic molding, silicone production and sample testing.

All SY Doll sex dolls are made of high quality TPE, durable and lifelike. Check out our realistic dolls and buy one to increase your sexual pleasure!

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Premium SY Doll Lifelike Love Doll

In Gksexdoll store, premium SY Doll is the essence of femininity. SY Dolls sex dolls are custom made to your taste and produced with the best features of sex dolls on the market. In the end, we make sure you have the best possible customer experience. We answer all your questions before and after your purchase and handle all administrative and customs procedures to safely import your toys to your doorstep.

Each high-end SY Doll is characterized by high quality, the most realistic details and an affordable price. Our premium TPE sex dolls are fully compliant with our Sy love doll production requirements. We supervise the production process from the beginning to the end to ensure that the production process and quality meet our strict quality standards. You will find that premium TPE life dolls do save energy and time when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your lifelike love dolls compared to traditional TPE materials.

How do I store my sex doll SY Doll sex doll?

1. Place your sex doll and get a little involved. You can’t put your doll on the floor. It is recommended that you regularly place a cushion or cushion under your sex doll, whether on the floor, on your bed, or in a storage box. This prevents back or hip contouring or rings from flattening or deforming, which can happen with prolonged weight compression. Remember to place your sex doll on a mat or mat, especially a TPE sex doll; if the body is bent, it is less likely to jump.
2. This is the easiest way to store your sex doll. Once the sex doll is hung, neither party will be deformed or disfigured by the weight of the sex doll. If you have cabinets or shelves in your home, you can use this storage technique. However, because sex dolls come in different sizes, so do the methods of hanging them. Once you have made a suspension request, you can contact us for advice. No matter how you plan to store your sex doll, whether you’re holding it or laying it down, make sure it’s dust-proof. What’s more, always cover your sex doll in an easier to clean way.