Zelex Doll: Brand of Lifelike Silicone Sex Dolls

Zelex Doll is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of ultra-realistic sex dolls. We have a professional R&D team, whose purpose is to design high-quality sex toys and provide customers with a perfect experience. Each of our products is hand-painted by artists, with realistic shapes and exquisite makeup.

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Zelex Doll–Professional Silicone Doll Manufacturer

Are you interested in buying silicone dolls? Then you are satisfied with Zelex Doll. We’ll show you step-by-step how to design the sex doll of your dreams and what options you have when creating your silicone doll design. The hard silicone head of the silicone doll does not support mouth opening. At the same time, due to the unique silicone material, the production process is cumbersome and the waiting time is long. But we guarantee that with us you can make your silicone doll absolutely unique, whether it’s eye color, hair color and hairstyle or body work. You decide how your Zelex Doll will look.

Zelex Doll specializes in the production of extremely high quality silicone dolls. The manufacturer has been handcrafting the highest quality sex dolls since 2013. Thanks to the special silicone compound, the details of the facial and genital area can be shown absolutely realistically. Hardly any manufacturer comes close to reality! Also, a lot of time has been invested in improving the bones, so movements are now easier and your doll from Zelex Doll can take on brand new positions. Thanks to the very stable silicone, you no longer need to worry about minor damage. At the same time, the silicone is very soft, no more yellow breasts etc. For ultimate realism, we recommend hair transplants.

Why is Zelex Doll more and more popular?

Let your imagination run wild and discover our prestigious collection now, made entirely of platinum silicone. The Zelex Doll sex doll brand manufactures high quality realistic dolls, established in 2013, the high energy experience here showcases ultra-realistic silicone molded sex dolls. We scan body data and create 3D models based on real women’s bodies and faces. Everything has been carefully sculpted to give the doll an almost human-like appearance. The silicone used in the doll is soft and stretchy, and we’ve injected softer material into the breasts, thighs, and buttocks for an immersive, near-real sensuality.

It is worth noting that silicone dolls usually use hard silicone heads that cannot open their mouths to maintain the possibility of hair transplantation. There are only two channels, vagina and anus.