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Sex dolls increasingly used as coping mechanism for fear of disease

Sex dolls have evolved over the past year and are currently trending for all the right reasons. They are bound to continue to be active as more changes continue to emerge. There are many platforms you can visit to check daily news about sex dolls, some even updated daily. So, what are the sex doll trends on the most influential platforms right now? Let’s see what to do with lifelike sex dolls.

Needless to say, this will continue as the reaction unfolds around every aspect of sex dolls. After hyper-realistic TPEs and silicone sex dolls, the next big thing is AI-equipped sex robots and sex dolls. What exactly does this mean?

As a result, hyper-realistic love dolls have become the most popular sex partners for men over 50. No matter how you play on the bed, maybe throw it away, you can be sure that the sex doll won’t tease you about your performance. So don’t worry about loss of function, you’ll enjoy sex and who knows, maybe you’ll recover from your health condition.

After 50 years, men will feel completely alone because they don’t have a love doll to actively scold them or share their emotional feelings with. The wife is always there to support her husband, but for some reason the husband cannot express himself in front of his wife. Thus, a lover doll brings happiness to a man, because she listens to everything a man has to say and enjoys the deep sexual pleasure he wants whenever and wherever he wants.

The coronavirus pandemic has quickly affected every aspect of our lives, including our sex life. One category where this has become very apparent is the world of porn. The COVID-19 pandemic affects not only the amount and type of pornography that occurs, but also the amount of pornography people consume and the types of pornography they search for on secondary sites.

Rates of pornography consumption have generally risen. As the pandemic began to spread in March 2020, traffic increased rapidly, and major countries and cities around the world imposed lockdowns, according to Pornhub. Porn searches are on the rise, mainly because many people are spending more time at home than usual, and more and more people are using silicone dolls as a coping mechanism to deal with fears of illness. Several studies have found that this can promote libido and sexuality as a coping mechanism when faced with the prospect of our own death.

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