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What is the best life sex doll?

Do you have your own sex doll? Sex dolls are now a new trend in North America. Speaking of sex dolls, you may be the first person to inflate a doll. But that is the past tense. The most primitive doll is the invention of the 17th century Dutch sailors isolated from the sea during long voyages.

They found that sex dolls can meet their needs in some way. These masturbation dolls are made of stitched fabric or old clothes and are the immediate pioneers of today’s sex dolls. Of course, the advancement of technology and sex dolls are approaching close people. In recent years, a group of manufacturers led by Urdolls have produced the latest models of real dolls. Dolls are now very popular in North America and Europe.

Since 2012, inflatable dolls on the market have gradually been replaced by TPE dolls and silicone dolls. A thermoplastic elastomer substitute called TPE is often used, especially because real, real dolls made by manufacturers are better than high-quality ones.

TPE dolls and silicone dolls have their own advantages. TPE materials are cheap. The price of TPE sex doll is lower than that of silicone dolls. Elasticity and softness are also good. Silicone materials are more expensive, but silicone dolls are more durable and close to reality. Silicone dolls were originally made of tin-cured silicone, but platinum technology has a longer service life and is easy to tear and indent.

With the continuous development of society, human beings are always looking for ways to enjoy a better life. The road to entertainment is getting more and more prosperous. Sex dolls are one of the greatest inventions of human civilization. The main function of full-size, rich composite works is to satisfy people’s sexual impulses.

Since homosexuals have their own rights, purchase and use are becoming more common nowadays. Other people are not friendly to you because you use adult products to sell. You just need to know that this is your privilege.

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